Anyone Can Play!

Friends & Families

This is a unique opportunity for families, as well as friends to work together in a confined room so, through entertainment, people can tap into cooperation, imagination, the power of knowledge and intelligence. The aim is to manage finding solutions and eventually exit the room… and the surprise?

Tourists & Travellers

A different kind of entertainment which claims top position of the “things to do” in the area of Hersonissos. Here you can spend some of your leisure time creatively as well as amusingly during your vacation. Imagination, quick actions but mainly your wits as well as good mood are sufficient to plunge into this new dimension of alternative activity. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or whether you are alone or with company; you are bound to discover some secrets and solve a couple of riddles..


Although you may have played thousands of different computer games as well as many escape games, this is a real challenge for you to test your skills, playing live escape game and experience a different kind of satisfaction. Surely you are suitably prepared and you know how to do it but, nevertheless, come and feel the difference of a live game with company.
And in case you are a into cutting-edge technology, you are in the right place! Enjoy the challenge to play the various virtual reality games, experience the extraordinary feeling these games offer and escape reality. A unique and special experience for unique and special players!